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WORLDS of UNIVERSE Survival Board Game / Tabletop

Don't feel like reading? 🙂 Here's a summary:

The goal in WoU:

What genre will it be ?

The game will be a mix of …

Zombie Survival Brettspiel & Tabletop

Tabletop Elements

How it is possible to bring this range of genres together, you will find out later.

The game will be both a co-op and a lone fighter game. For up to 6 players. Despite the complex scope of WoU, the game will also be designed to be beginner-friendly. Of course, you will also encounter zombies in the post-apocalypse, but probably more likely to be seen as mutants.

How to play the board game ?

Game details will follow.

One thing I can promise, there will be some zombies to eliminate 😀 and elements you’ve never seen before in a board game or tabletop.

What is WORLDS of UNIVERSE all about ?

The story begins in WORLDS of UNIVERSE: Dawn of Terra [Part I] on our earth in the year [now]. The only difference is that the fate of the earth was already determined in the 50s. That is with a fallout, justified by a desperate attempt to stop a pandemic. A foreign virus-transformed 60 percent of the population into zombie-like mutant beings.

The humans, as they are, destroyed themselves afterward. The chaos in the new world brings WoU to a post-apocalyptic journey in which players can play their own hero. Due to the disintegration from 1950 onwards, the world in WoU contains both old-fashioned things that have stood still in their time, as well as technical achievements over the years of development.


New world order

While some live in the Outland, empires, and elites in their futuristic districts are forging new plans for power over a new unified world. On the other hand, two camps are striving for only one thing; to survive. This is exactly where the players come into play. You are allowed to join one of the camps, do jobs, and advance the main story. And as expected in a zombie survival board game, actually also zombie, mutants, something ugly 😀

Note: This game has no connection through the Covid19 events, the content was written by me before 2018. This is pure coincidence.

Why a short movie ?

I would like you to get a feeling for the big picture,  that you can dive into the new world around the game. That’s why I took 900 hours to produce an elaborate short film. Of course, I don’t represent Hollywood, the possibilities are limited 🙂

Missed the movie?
⇒Movie (german Version)
⇒Movie (english Version)

The board game will be very medial, that means the fun will not only take place on the board at home, but also worldwide networked in the whole WoU Communiverse. That’s what I call you, the gaming community.

You will find out how far-reaching this is at the start of the campaign.

How big will it be ?

Always remember, the game will not be a simple little table game, it will be a really extensive zombie survival board game and tabletop. The necessary budget will be a few hundred thousand dollars. I think this makes the size of the game a little bit more tangible. For this reason,WoU needs your support and investment as well as your faith and trust in this great game. We can only manage such a mammoth project if we work together.

What is the plan ?

Plans for WoU go well beyond 10 years. Firstly, it’s all about creating the prototype for the campaign launch and offering you the opportunity to support it through Crowdfunding. At the same time, it will also be presented at the SPIEL 2024 game fair in germany.

When is a tabletop coming?

As for tabletop, you will have to be patient a long time. But if you are a miniature enthusiast and enjoy collecting, painting, and fighting with friends, then the WoU universe is the right place for you in the future 🙂

Can you still breathe after so much shit?

Then be sure to check out how you can help and integrate into the gaming universe!