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NFT Game: Dive into the Fascinating Universe of Non Fungible Tokens

Welcome to the exciting world of NFT trading cards, where fun is at the heart of the game. Discover, collect and trade unique digital treasures in an NFT game.

Even though NFTs and crypto have missed some negative headlines in recent years, it’s still up to the NFT collection operator in the end. Because they can be serious projects, or just digital trading cards without a focus on investment.

Exchange and interaction

The great thing about NFT trading cards is the possibility of exchanging and interacting with other players. You’ll be able to trade cards, forge strategic alliances and prove your skills in exciting competitions.

Community and Events:

NFT Games bring together a vibrant community of collectors and players. Look forward to exclusive events, contests, and activities that focus on fun.

What exactly were NFTs now ?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique digital assets based on blockchain technology. Each NFT represents a unique object, be it a digital artwork, a trading card, a piece of music or even a virtual piece of land. Unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, NFTs are not exchangeable and have individual properties that make them unique. They are used to own, trade, and collect digital assets, and their authenticity and ownership are ensured by the blockchain. NFTs have gained significant popularity in the fields of art, entertainment, and gaming.

Also conceivable for WORLDS of UNIVERSE ?

Would be possible. However, we currently have no capacity and no planning for an upcoming NFT game. What we will have soon, however, is a small collection of NFT Supporter cards on Atomichub based on WAX. These are for the financial support of the boardgame & tabletop project. The NFT cards have no NFT game benefit, they are just for collecting. However, we will give the NFTs a provisional value (credits), which we will credit to you in the future, should there actually be an official WoU NFT game.

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