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How do I become part of the new WoU Communiverse?

Be a part of the WoU universe and participate in numerous story
contributions, author meetings, about the game, your wishes for the
game, role-playing discussions. Or simply meet like-minded people in the vast Communiverse.

Forum, Facebook oder Discord ?

Where would you like to exchange ideas in the future? Please take part in the survey so that we can take your opinion into account:



Wherever you land, don’t be frightened, it’s haunted :O everywhere. In other words, nothing, just emptiness. It will all come in the course of time.

Be a part of it all

WoU lives from the community and will develop in the future for and with players. The first step would be to subscribe to the newsletter, because then I will notify you immediately when it starts.

Be part of the big analog game world. I look forward to welcoming you soon.
Your WoU author, Marco.

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How do I become one of the main authors of the game?

A seat at the author’s table is only possible after the introduction of the first game. You will already be informed during the Crowdfund campaign how exactly this is planned.

In addition, each individual player has a storyline in the game world that he can expand and give importance thanks to reputation.

How do I become a day author of the game world?

In the CCN News, i.e. in the blog, you will have the possibility to make your own contribution to the history and the events. Your creative side story has to meet a few requirements. Your story may also be based on an existing sidestory written by us or another player.
You can read more about it in the next section.

Shops Brotherhoods & Companys!

As you already know WoU is not just a Zombie Survival board game. Soon we would like to tell little side stories so that you can get to know some people, companies and fraternities from the game universe.

It’s your turn now!

But the interesting thing is that the side stories are told by you and everyone else. The feature to write your own story will soon be activated. With your imagination, you can decide how someone or something develops. You can either create new news, horror stories, or tell the mysterious events, conspiracies, intrigues, and romances around the Central City … or develop a story about brotherhoods, companies, and store owners and retell others.

How does it work?

In future you will find a comment option in Abigail’s Underground on , your central meeting point in the WoU. Here you can submit your own news to the news channel or tell others about it. Your post will then be checked by us if it fits the game and will be released afterwards.

What is special about it?

This should be just fun and we try to bridge the long waiting time for the release 🙂 However, the best stories and most exciting developments will eventually make it into the game and will be discussed there.