LiBiMon - World of little big monsters

LiBiMon My Garden Board game

In My Garden Board Game, you take on the role of a gardener and merchant. The game is about growing vegetables, fruits, growing flowers, managing with water supplies and recycling waste.

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LiBiMon My Garden Board Game with all pieces

The LiBiMon board game 's of the next years

LiBiMon – little big monsters

LiBiMon is developing into a board game for young and old alike, in addition to the trading card game that focuses on monsters in human form. My Garden is even finished and will be available for purchase soon if the crowdfunding campaign is successful.

Monsters with heart and humor

LiBiMon takes players into a world where lovable monsters take on human characteristics. The game combines humorous stories with exciting adventures that captivate players.

Environmental protection and sustainability in the board game

LiBiMon is more than just an entertaining board game. It also promotes environmental awareness and sustainability, as the monsters learn to protect the environment and use resources wisely.

Play experience for the whole family

LiBiMon offers an ideal way to enjoy time together with the family. With its unique concept, it appeals to players of all ages and creates an entertaining atmosphere for interactive gaming experiences.

A game with heart and message

LiBiMon is not only a game, but also a message. It reminds us how important it is to protect the environment and use our resources responsibly. With LiBiMon you not only experience entertainment, but also that recycling is rewarded.

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