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TGC (Table Game Company)

is a studio and publisher of innovative table games, like Board Games & Tabletop, in various genres mix. Currently two game worlds are in development.

LiBiMon™ – little big monsters,

is a fantasy friendly apocalypse for young and old.

The first and current product, a board game about gardening, tending, trading and adventuring, is called “My Garden” and is part of the new LiBiMon world. A collectible card game, similar as you know it from Pokemon & co, is planned for the next years and already in conception.

WoU – Worlds of Universe,

is a huge end time universe for mainly adult big kids with love for apocalypse, zombies, advancement, races, deck building, quests, crafting, role playing, board game and tabletop with numerous miniatures for the next decades. The development for this starts at the end of 2024 and begins with a board game “Dawn of Terra”.

The game world will be developed by the community itself.

The LiBiMon™ board game “My Garden” is almost finished. You just have to share it diligently so that people will know about it and a swarm funding will be possible. This is the only way the game can end up on your table and in stores 🙂

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The ambitious goal is to see within the next 10 to 15 years an enthusiastic community of board game lovers from different genres, whether D&D and Warhammer fans, Star Wars and Star Trek enthusiasts, Marvel & DC devotees and video game players, all at the same table – with no spats 😀 Because the family community has the real power to shape the development of the main story, side stories, characters, races, worlds, miniatures novelties and the entire game universe.

Player Engagement

Within this community, there is a hierarchy that players can earn through commitment, time, or game successes as authors. Players can also represent their fan communities, guilds, alliances, or brotherhoods and represent their interests. Although there is a discreet hierarchy (inGame), the community (Reallife) is mainly ruled by democracy.

The main authors of WoU ensure order in the system.
In the coming years, there will be an innovative live event starting with a survival multi-genre board game for the planet Terra and then integrating miniatures and tabletop elements into a new game mode. Experience immersive analog gameplay on a whole new level and shape the game universe from the start. Please understand that everything is currently being developed by “one man” and it will take many months. Everything step by step.

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